Kayumanggi Tagalog Enamel Pin
Kayumanggi Tagalog Enamel Pin

Kayumanggi Tagalog Enamel Pin

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How many times have you heard these questions growing up? "Don't play outside, you're going to get dark!" "Ano ngyari sa'yo? Ang itim mo na!" Growing up, I didn't know colourism had a name. I just felt shame every time someone asked me those questions.

I created this pin for my Filipina inner child who couldn't understand why I was scolded for having dark skin when Kayumanggi is my skin colour. Wear this pin to family gatherings and the next time your Tita or Tito asks why you're so maitim, point to this pin! Bonus: feel free to say "Maitim naman talaga ako!" 😂

Height: 0.4 in
Width: 2 in

This gold-plated hard enamel pin has two black rubber clutches. It comes mounted on a backing card, mailed safely in a bubble mailer. Colours may vary from screen.