Hard Things Planner *Digital download*

Hard Things Planner *Digital download*

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Doing hard things sucks! Returning phone calls, emailing your boss, cancelling appointments, going to therapy...my list is super long!

These daily tasks get me feeling sooo overwhelmed. Some days, I avoid my to-do list and other days, I "turn off" my feelings so I could get shit done. It didn't take long for my body to be like "Hey, this isn't working for us!"

So I created the Hard Things Daily Planner for myself to help me get through hard days. This is not your average planner. The all-feelings-allowed planner is here to help you get through your hard things, send your inner child a message, and have some fun.

  • A place for your hard and fun tasks.

  • A place to focus on one hard thing, write down your feelings about it and end the way with a treat

  • PDF file
  • Size: 8.5 x 11
  • Undated so no pressure to write something everyday!
  • Use on an app like GoodNotes
  • Print as many as you want for personal use
  • *Not for Commercial use. For personal use only*

Having a physical space for these lists helped me bring them to life. It didn't get rid of my anxiety (how I wish!) but it gave me a space to schedule play for my inner child.

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